Fluid Ads are specialists in Location Based Marketing. Our range of digital advertising tools includes our own innovative technology, and we couple this with our creative techniques to help businesses target the exact people they want to influence.

Not only do we ensure that every penny is spent on good fit customers, but our approach is also goal focused. We work as part of your team to help you meet your objectives.

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What is Location Based Marketing?

Location Based Marketing involves using a person’s location data as a primary or secondary targeting option to promote products or services. By targeting individuals in a particular geographic area, you can directly send them personalised and relevant marketing content.

Location Based Marketing is a targeted approach to marketing that has proven to be highly effective in improving engagement and driving leads and sales for businesses of all types and sizes.

By using Location Based Marketing, you can drive engagement, conversions, and increase the ROI from your marketing campaigns.

Meet The Team

We're part of the Fluid Ads team because we know how good it is. We think you'll agree.


George leads the business forward, making sure we maintain our winning balance of creativity working with best in class tech.

VP of Global Partnerships

If you’re a customer, you’ll probably hear from Richard. From meeting with those new to digital ads, to ensuring campaigns thrive, he’s at the forefront of the business.

Head of Marketing

Using a range of channels and tactics, driven by strategic thinking (we follow our own advice), Lindsay is at the helm of our own marketing.

Customer Success Director

The brains behind many of our Location Based Marketing campaigns, Charlotte uses her wealth of training and experience to lead our customers to success.

Key Accounts Manager

Helping people to find out more about Fluid Ads, Emma is the person who will answer your questions and make your ideas become reality.

Data Analyst

To boost campaign performance, Loredana analyses complex datasets and uses that knowledge to assist with campaign delivery, adding unrivalled measurable value.

Senior Web Developer

Always looking for even tiny improvements, Manoj automates processes to reduce manual work, and enhances efficiency and effectiveness for clients.

CRM Executive

Helping to master our own digital campaigns, Ellie works in the marketing team, coming up with clever ideas to keep us moving forward.

Digital Designer

Making everything look beautiful, on brand and impactful, Joe leads the designs for client advertising campaigns, and works within our own marketing team.

Ad Ops

With sharp attention to detail and astute analytical thinking, Rafael ensures that campaigns are created and optimised to drive maximum results.

Finance & Operations Director

In charge of finance and operations, Rohan is a vital backbone to make sure the company runs smoothly.

Executive Assistant

Our Values

We take pride in our customers, the people who work here, and our product.

Customer First

Customers are at the heart of everything we do, you are on this digital journey with us. Our team go that extra mile to make sure every campaign delivers beyond expectations – ‘World class’ customer service is our mantra.

Workforce Diversity

The company is made up of people from all walks of life, which we believe has really influenced the development of such a well rounded, modern product. We love our staff, and strive to create an environment which allows our people to be curious, industrious, honest, and have fun in the workplace.

Product Focused

The product is the reason we are all here. We’re proud of the cutting edge technology that we have created, and will continue to evolve and innovate.