When it comes to digital advertising, the sky’s the limit. Even when you’re going for hyper local targeting, the options available to achieve the desired results are plentiful.

At Fluid Ads, we know how to get choosy with the channels, and how to finely tune your campaign to get those spot on results.

Fluid Ads Channels
Choose Your Channels

Putting all your eggs in one basket vastly limits your chance of campaign success. You want to have a few different channels, working together, that are regularly polished by carefully tracking analytics. That’s how you get your nest full of goodies.

At Fluid Ads, through our own tech and through some carefully selected partners, we have a wide range of channels to choose from, that we can use in a variety of ways. There is no one size fits all approach. Every campaign is bespoke to your individual requirements.

A multi-channel approach always delivers better results. We’ve seen a massive boost in results from layering in a few different channels, and with our vast experience we know how to use budgets very wisely.

Whether you know exactly what channels you want to use, or you just know you want advertising and you’d like our guidance, we’re ready to start when you are.

Our Channels

Channels - Display Ads

Display Ads

We’ve been running Display Ad campaigns for many years and we know how to get results.

Access our top of the range Geofencing tool that offers pinpoint accuracy

Layer in multiple tactics to increase results by up to 89%

Reach passive audiences in ways not seen before

Digital Out of Home

The new way to advertise on the high street, DOOH is exciting and you can be very cost effective.

Choose only the exact screens you want

Advertise when you want to advertise

No long waiting times

Channel - Digital Out of Home
Channel - Search


Look no further, our range of search solutions can make sure you’re always on the radar of the people who are looking for what you offer.

Different accuracy levels depending on your requirements


Layer in audiences

Paid Social

Done on its own or layered in as part of a wider campaign, paid social can have different levels of power.

Clever thinking to make social work harder

A range of different platforms

Use alongside Geofencing for boosted results

Channel - Paid Social
Channel - Connected TV

Connected TV

Tap into a more captive audience, with a new spin on a traditional channel.

Works on any streaming channel

Can be highly targeted

Trusted by many big brands

Commercial Radio

Another more traditional channel that is still working well for many businesses today.

Great for local awareness

Recording the ad is part of the package

Capture your passive audience

Channel - Commercial Radio