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TV Advertising has been around for a long time, but new digital TV advertising offers a whole new world of opportunities, and it’s now a real contender for Location Based Marketing.

Channel - Connected TV
Connect to Your Audience

Connected TV refers to digital streaming. Whether it’s your Smart TV or Disney+, when you’re taken away from Freeview or Cable TV, there is a whole new way to advertise to your target audience.

Whereas before, those whose advertised on TV would pay a hefty price and would only be able to choose when they were advertising and to which general region, the new digital options that are now available mean that smaller brands have opportunities here just not seen before.

While prices can be far more cost effective for streaming options, you can now also be far more selective as to who sees your ads.

One of the powerful things about this channel is that you can choose by location, but also layer in some more choices too. If you want to target people who like football or are interested in gardening, it’s all possible. You can be very selective about who watches your advertisement.

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An Interested Audience

Another key benefit of this is that you have a more interested audience. Unlike some of the other digital channels, you’re not disrupting their activity and annoying them, or you’re not hovering at the side of the screen. With TV you have an audience that is sitting down to view. They might not be waiting for your advert, but we have seen advertising on TV our whole lives, so it’s something everyone accepts.

With Connected TV, they’re watching your ad as there is nothing else to do until their programme comes back on. It’s a far more willing audience.

TV advertising has always been a good choice for many big brands. But for those with more modest budgets, it’s now something to consider.

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