Digital Out Of Home

The all new way to advertise in your local town, DOOH are the billboards of the future. And they’re grabbing attention.

Channel - Digital Out Of Home

Digital Out of Home (or DOOH) advertising refers to modern day billboards in towns, shopping centres, railway stations and lots of other places out of the home.

They can be cost effective, you can be very selective, and they glow in the dark. What’s not to like about Digital Out Of Home advertising? If you literally want to advertise to people on the street, there is no better way to do it.

This technology has really advanced in the last few years. You can pick exactly which screen you want and you can place ads to go live at any time, with very short notice.

If you wanted to follow a certain type of worker heading home on their commute, you could select exact bus shelters, or specific town centre routes (wherever a screen is available). It’s not general. You pick screen by screen what you want.

You could then dictate that your advert is shown between 8am and 9am, and then 5pm and 6pm, to get the commuter traffic.

Working with a partner like Fluid Ads can mean this process is incredibly easy. There is also no wastage.

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How it Works

A Better Future

Historically, billboard advertising took time. Only one advert could be shown on one slot at any one time, and there could be a waiting list. You are then advertising for long periods and to a far more general audience because of this, meaning the high costs would inevitably lead to some wastage.

Digital advertising has changed all this. For quite a reasonable budget you can reach the people in your local area far more effectively. You only pay per play, and you have say on when that is.

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You can dip your toe in the water with DOOH by opting for one of our Pilot Campaigns. It can be a cost effective way to see how it could work for you.