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It’s one of the most popular digital advertising channels, but it can take time and effort to get the best out of your social media ads. Our innovative ideas always make budgets stretch further.

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Social Media Advertising

While using social media day to day is free, as soon as you want to tap into their advertising tools, it can come with a hefty cost. With a wealth of targeting options, it can be worth it, but we’ve found that layering this in with other digital channels can give your results a very welcome boost.

We work with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tiktok. All of these platforms can help with brand awareness and lead generation, but knowing how you want to use them, and choosing the right option, is vital if you want to see those results.

Please be aware that paid social requires a lot more set up than other forms of digital advertising. We always take this into consideration when discussing options with you. We want to offer you the best value for your budget.

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Social Media Geotargeting

When it comes to Paid Social, don’t forget that the reach of your ad is restricted to the social media platform you choose to advertise on. That means that selecting the right social media platform that aligns with your objectives is crucial if you want to maximise results.

Facebook Location Targeting

One of the reasons that Facebook is so popular for advertising is because of the sheer number of people marketers can reach. However, this can also be a drawback for businesses who are operating with a limited budget.

If you do have a limited budget, or you’re looking for hyper local targeting, Facebook location targeting might be a good option. It allows you to target users based on country, city and region.

Instagram Location Targeting

Instagram has the functionality to add a location to a post so when someone searches for a location, your post can be seen by anyone searching the location as a hashtag.

Posts with a tagged location achieve nearly 80% higher engagement rates than posts without. When advertising on Instagram, you can target specific locations to ensure you are only reaching people in locations that are relevant to the goals of the campaign.

LinkedIn Geotargeting

When advertising on LinkedIn, location targeting is a required option. With so many geographic locations available to target, this is a sensible requirement.

LinkedIn identifies the location of people based on the information supplied by the account holder and IP addresses for short visits.

However, when advertising on the platform, you can only target the long term locations of users.

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Ready to explore more about Paid Social? Talk to one of our team.