Working slightly differently to Geofencing, Geotargeting is one of the best tactics for Location Based Marketing, allowing you to show your digital ads in the locations that are best for you.

Tactics - Geotargeting
Geographical Targeting

Geotargeting does exactly as it sounds. It enables advertisers to target by geography – or to put it another way, to target by exact chosen locations. Use location based data to put your advert in front of the people in the places that are relevant to you.

Geotargeting works by using information supplied by users (opt-in location services) to determine their location, in order to serve them with geographically relevant messaging.

We work with a number of Geotargeting methods, depending on the scale of your location parameters. Broad parameters can be used such as Country, State, City or Town. Or you might want to be more granular and use criteria such as address, zip code, or perhaps a specific landmark. You are then able to put a radius around each location, giving you the opportunity to target audiences that are known to occupy this specific geographic area.

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How it Works

Budgets are stretched much further

Geotargeting is an ideal digital marketing tactic to reach as many people as possible in a particular location, increasing your brand awareness and engagement.

Your advertising spend will only be used to target the people within the area you defined, meaning that budgets are stretched much further.

See how it could work for you

You can dip your toe in the water with Geotargeting by opting for one of our Pilot Campaigns. It can be a cost effective way to see how it could work for you.