Cherry-pick websites and place your ads in the most relevant places, ensuring you find your perfect-fit customer, and leaving nothing to chance.

Tactics - Placements
Placing Well

Placements is when we cherry-pick specific websites to place adverts on. They are chosen because they either have a high propensity of your ideal user visiting them, or the content is in a relevant industry.

This can be great for industry based content, but it can also work extremely well for Location Based Marketing.

If you want to target people in a certain geographical area, then using the local newspaper website is a good way of reaching them. For example, most people who visit a website dedicated to local news for Kent, live in Kent.

The websites chosen can also be specific to the sector you want people from. Farmers Weekly website is most likely to be visited by people from the farming industry. Any website that uses paid adverts to generate revenue can be used as part of this approach.

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